Are utilities included in the rent?

During the school year tenants get a utility allowance. In other words, water, electric, and gas are on us up to a certain amount.

Flat: $400 allowance per semester.

Townhouse: $500 allowance semester.

How often are utility allowances exceed?

Not often, we picked these amounts from historical data so they are rarely exceeded.

Is WIFI / Cable TV included in the rent?

While there is school WIFI in the area, we strongly recommend purchasing (typically from Spectrum) your own private service. It is cheap and much faster.

Cable TV service is not provided. However local channels maybe obtained with the appropriate TV antenna. Tenants may purchase cable service from Spectrum, if desired.In the summer, tenants are responsible for utilities. Utilities remain in the unit owner's name and are billed to tenant(s) as bills are received.

How does parking work?

Parking is free at Irving Commons. However, we recommend that tenants get a parking pass on campus if they want to avoid walking.

How to pay rent?

Rent can be paid two ways:

  1. Four Monthly Payments (Per Semester / Three Payments Summer)
  2. One Full Payment (Per Semester and Summer)

Payment can be made by mail (see lease pg 1 for mailing address) or left in our dropbox by unit 43.

Can non-UD students rent an apartment?

Yes! We are happy to rent to any college student interning in the area, graduate students, Sinclair students, and Wright State students however lease periods can not be modified and must remain University of Dayton schedule related.

Is the pool open this year?

Sadly the pool is closed indefinitely.

Are pets allowed in the apartments?

Yes and no. We do not usually allow pets, but if the animal is a registered support/service animal (proof required) we are happy to make an exception.

Who do i make my check out to?

Irving Commons Rental Group.


how to get your next apartment:

  1. Fill out an Information Sheet forĀ EACH Tenant.
  2. Sign Lease.
  3. Pay Security Deposit.